My Eden

 My Eden


You have your own perfect mental health Eden inside your head. Just like ‘Second Life’   Sky Eden@Bedok but without the cost or fear of being attacked you can create a rejuvenating mini world nobody else can enter. Here’s how.

Just sit back and relax with a straight back. Take a few deep breaths through your nose, hold and exhale quickly through your mouth driving out all the air you can. These breaths should alternatively fill your lungs as full as possible and then empty them as much as possible. Then sit and picture as vividly as you can a totally relaxing place.

It may be a forest glen, a deserted beach, a hillside overlooking a green valley or sitting in a boat on a placid lake at sunrise. What color is the sky; light or dark blue or streaked with sunlit clouds? Maybe it’s the colors of sunset or sunrise. It’s your place. Try to imagine that place now. It doesn’t matter if you change it later but it is good to go with your first choice at this stage so you get the hang of it..

Now become totally aware of how you feel. You feel at one with your surroundings. This is where you can relax emotionally and physically. Be there. Know this place. Feel the soft breeze on your face and body; notice the temperature and the scent in the air. Is there freshly mown grass or the aroma of flowers blooming? Maybe you can smell the ocean breeze or crispness of the mountain air.

Do you hear any sounds, like crickets or bird calls? Maybe there is a waterfall nearby and you hear its water cascading over the mossy rocks to a pool below. Can you hear that celestial choir over the horizon? Maybe you can hear the silence.

What are you dressed in? Are you barefoot or in comfortable soft shoes? Loosen any tight clothing. Go naked if you like. Nobody else is here. If you have long hair, let it flow.



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