49 Signs of a Cheating Husband – Watch Out For These Red Flags To Find If Your Husband Is Cheating

 49 Signs of a Cheating Husband – Watch Out For These Red Flags To Find If Your Husband Is Cheating


You just feel it in your soul. The ‘signs’ are there. Every fibre of your being is telling you that yo launderette  ur husband is cheating on you. But is he?

Have a read of this article, and see how many of the signs are applicable to you.

  1. He is less attentive in the bedroom:

Now this one may be difficult to measure, because it depends how active your sex life is on the whole. It is a very personal area, and a lot of couples who, for example, have been married for a long time, or are particularly stressed, may find that that initial spark dampens in the bedroom.

This is perfectly normal. My advice here is to listen to yourself. Only YOU can know whether or not the way that your husband behaves in the bedroom is ‘different’ to his usual behaviour, but it is common practice if he is ‘getting it’ elsewhere then his sex drive when he comes home may be significantly reduced.

  1. He seems to be working out more or maybe for the first time ever!:

If your man suddenly develops an interest in ‘working out’, it could just be that he has decided he needs to lose a few pounds. Of course, it could also mean that he is trying to get (and keep) the interest of a younger, fitter play thing.

Men of a certain age in particular, are prone to suddenly deciding that they need to appear younger, and this can be triggered by the interest of another woman.

Men like to pump iron or go for a run, in order to feel energised, and this of course not only works on their physical appearance, it also boosts their stamina. If your husband has always been one for working out then trips to the gym may become more ‘frequent’ as they can be used as a smokescreen to cover dates with his Mistress.

  1. He is constantly working late:




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