A Cat Scratcher No Longer Needs To Be Hidden

 A Cat Scratcher No Longer Needs To Be Hidden


The cat scratcher of today has come a long way from the basic, boring pole your grandma had. There are now so many varieties available to choose from, the possibilities are practically endless. You can find small ones, large  https://orbscratcher.com/ ones, vertical ones, and horizontal ones; you can even find scratchers that hang on the back of your door. If you have a large house or a small house, there is a scratcher out there for you and your cat.

As a cat owner myself, I know the many benefits of having a cat scratcher in my house. The thing I like most about mine is how well it fits into my living room. My cats prefer a vertical scratcher, so I have found a tall one that fits into the corner. Best of all, it came in nice neutral tones, that way it doesn’t clash with my current décor. And that is just one scratcher. Today you can find thousands of different designs online.

If you have a house with chrome and black leather as the key design or a house with a rustic lodge design, there is a cat scratcher out there for you. Any color, shape, or style of cat scratcher that you can imagine, you can find today. As an added benefit, beyond just color, you can also find vertical and horizontal scratchers to suit your cat’s personality and preference. Personally, I also like the fact that you can easily find the traditional scratching posts or the ones that have a cardboard surface for your cat to scratch.



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