A Guide to the Main Components of a Pressure Washer

 A Guide to the Main Components of a Pressure Washer



Parts of a pressure washer

Various types of motors are used in different kinds of pressure washers. It may even vary depending on the kind and setting of the applications. The large majority of high  electric power washer near me pressure washers utilised in professional works, normally use gasoline or diesel-powered engines. Since the majority of commercial cleaning needs large amount of time, these engines could run for a longer time without overheating versus their electric equal. And because most professional works are executed out-of-doors; and often or mostly offsite, where there isn’t any available source of electricity. Those with electric powered engines are typically employed for light to moderate washing works (e.g. home, automobile, and smaller watercraft) and are best used in interior applications because these engines do not produce hazardous gases.


You have now reached the “core” of the pressure washer model, the high pressure pump motor. Each one is positive displacement reciprocating pumps either piston or plunger types. Plunger pumps are the most efficient and have a extended life, as a result these are by far the most often used pumps found on a top quality pressure washer right now.

You will find duplex and triplex plunger pumps. Plungers are typically produced from ceramic, an extremely tough material with terrific wear resistant traits. The triplex pump has become the most in-demand due to more stable flow it makes.

These pumps can be really robust and virtually hassle free whenever thoroughly looked after. Most people are suspicious of the pump when first encountering difficulties but astonishingly 90% of issues can be traced to causes aside from the pump.





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