Airsoft Electric Guns – For The Real Hobbyist

 Airsoft Electric Guns – For The Real Hobbyist


Electric airsoft guns are the best of the best when it comes to airsoft weapons. They are, without doubt, amongst the most desirable items in any airsoft owners collection  stomach  or potential collection. These guns are also known as AEG (airsoft electric guns) or AER (airsoft electric rifles). The really nice thing about AEGs is the wide variety of models available. For years these guns were limited to just full size assault rifles but you can now buy them in pistol variants, mini AEG variants and of course the full size models also. There really is something in electric airsoft guns for every airsoft or gun enthusiast.

The inside of any AEG is a technical marvel. It contains a small but very powerful motor. When you pull the trigger on the gun it completes an electrical circuit that makes this motor spin which in turns compresses a piston inside the gun. Once the required pressure has been reached the piston moves forward compressing the air behind the bb and firing it from the barrel of the gun. The really neat thing about electric airsoft guns is that they’re highly portable because of the self-contained power mechanism and the firing rate is constant and accurate until the battery charge depletes. The average electric airsoft handgun or rifle is capable of firing bbs at up to 300 feet per second – more than enough to put a hole in a tin can at the bottom of your garden.

Electric airsoft rifles are very popular in airsoft paintball battles. These paintballs are the standard 6mm airsoft pellet size but there’s a difference. A standard paintball marker is capable of firing several dozens rounds per minute whereas the airsoft guns can fire hundreds of rounds per minute which can lead to exciting battles between airsoft fans. The only downside here is that if an airsoft paintball breaks inside the gun you’ll have to completely strip it down to clear out the gunk inside.



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