Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program – Forward to Basics

Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program – Forward to Basics



I was recently one of 500 lucky people to become a member of Alex Jeffreys coaching program. We actually call ourselves “The Fortunate 500”. Alex Jeffreys is a protege “Alex Kime  of Mike Filsaime’s and after beginning an increasingly successful on line business, he is now under the tutelage of business coach Rich Schefren. Alex made over $500,000 last year and is shooting for a cool million for 2009.

I have no doubt in my mind that he will reach and more than likely surpass his goal. While the the coaching program is not face to face, it is held webinar style and each coaching module ends in a marathon Q&A session. I don’t know where Alex gets all of his energy. We had a brain storming session a couple weeks ago that lasted 7 hours. His dedication to his students is only underscored by his obvious passion for Internet marketing.

The first coaching module of Alex Jeffreys coaching program was called “Forward to Basics” rather than back to basics. Alex likes to turn everything into a positive. There is to be no mention about backing up, only moving forward. That is why he is always talking about failing forward, which refers to the positive lesson that is learned every time you fail to achieve your goal. He also specifically pointed out that we are not talking about the basics of Internet marketing, we are talking about the basics of business. Marketing is merely a function of your business.

There were two major areas of discussion during “Forward to Basics”.

The first was about how you need to change your mind set of building an on line business to provide value. Alex models his business around the saying “Don’t chase money…Let money chase me.” He talked a lot about positioning your self and providing value. He also gave us this little golden nugget:

“The fastest way to get people to follow you, that are willin


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