Bathroom Wall Storage – Options Explored  

 Bathroom Wall Storage – Options Explored


Are you tearing your hair in frustration every time you are forced to contend with your bathroom’s space jam? Well, bathroom wall storage could be the source of wall mounted first aid box uncontaminated, undisguised glee. The staggering assortment of wall mounted cabinets makes judicious utilization of space that otherwise remains largely unused.

So if you have your back to the wall, just look around, there lies a solution just around the corner.

Cut Through The Clutter

Bathroom storage cabinets also help in rescuing your organizing efforts from limbo. These wall-mounted fixtures, whether above or below the sink or above the bathroom vanity, are by far the best place to house a wide variety of items, ranging from toiletries to cleaning supplies.

Wall-mounted medicine cabinets also act as a panacea for space-related problems. It’s just not medicines that find a place in them, but all the other small items that have a huge importance in our lives. These cabinets are a boon for families that are constantly losing sleep over their boisterous kids keen on inspecting the contents of the first-aid box.

The space above the toilets can be used for a whole lot of items like toilet paper and cleaning supplies. But just make sure that their installation does not hurt the person in the seated position.

Open shelves in corners can become the cynosure of all eyes. Your soaps, shampoos and towels can be placed in them. All your other beauty products can shine and sizzle in glass jars or wicker baskets.

An Intermingling Of Fashion And Function



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