Choosing Which Type of Mobile Detail Unit to Use

 Choosing Which Type of Mobile Detail Unit to Use


Perhaps, it is a sign of the times, there are far too many people laid off, and looking for work. Although in the first quarter of 2012 the unemployment rate in the United States was only 8.3% on average – there are still tens of millions of Americans who are either underemployed, or still unemployed but are no longer on the  Auto Detailing Treasure Valley  unemployment rolls or receiving any money. Many of these folks have lost hope, and are no longer searching for work, they find that it pointless. Okay so, let’s talk about this for a moment shall we?

Some folks will seek refuge in a small business of their own, perhaps a small home-based business. Sure, that makes sense, and in a downturn in the economy we should expect as much. Before retirement, I was in the business of franchising mobile car wash units and mobile detailing units. Because of this, still today people asked me for advice. One of the biggest questions is; what type of equipment do I need, and what type of a rig should I create to go about my business?

You know, one of the biggest questions I generally get is how to put together a mobile detailing rig for a very low-cost. Yes, I’m sure this makes sense to you, because cost is always a big consideration, especially when someone is unemployed, or does not have the income. Further, borrowing money when you have no way to pay it back is a risky endeavor, and perhaps, not the type of chance that someone wishes to take; therefore it’s all about low-budget.

Indeed, I assume the reason so many people ask me this question is because we are in a recession, and more people are laid off, and money is tight. Still, these folks wish to start their own business, and they want a business which does not cost very much to get into. Auto detailing, especially a mobile auto detailing company, or even a mobile car wash would fit this bill. Keeping all options on the table makes the most sense, and also saving is much money as possible.



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