Clear Tableware – 6 Reasons to Select This Color For Your Next Party

 Clear Tableware – 6 Reasons to Select This Color For Your Next Party


Forget plates and cups; from serving platters to flatware, these days virtually every type of dish is available in clear tableware. Perfect for the adults-only anniversary Japanese Dinnerware  dinner or the annual neighborhood block party, here are six reasons to use stylish clear tableware at your next event:

Clear Tableware is Reusable – Think green! Most clear plastic tableware is durable enough to be reused multiple times, making it a more eco-friendly alternative than paper tableware. Simply use hot water and soap to clean and sanitize the dishes in preparation for the next use.

Heavy-Duty – In a similar vein, clear plastic tableware is much more sturdy and heavy-duty than other disposable tableware. To avoid soggy plates and messes, use clear tableware when serving heavy, messy foods.

It’s Affordable – Standard clear tableware such as utensils, plates, cups, and bowls are typically sold in bulk (e.g. 20 or 30 count) for less than ten dollars. Reusing the dishes will stretch your dollar even further.

Versatility – Clear tableware is extremely versatile and matches virtually any type of theme, color, or decor. It’s also apt for all types of special occasions including elegant dinner parties and even wedding receptions.

Made from Recycled Materials – For eco-conscious hosts and hostesses, some retailers sell clear tableware that is made from recyclable PET clear plastic. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, which is a resin that is part of the polyester family. In addition, many local governments and waste management agencies are collecting used PET (known as post-consumer PET) to be recycled and reused for other plastic products.

Just As Good As the Real Thing – With cutting edge technology and new advances when it comes to disposable and reusable tableware, clear plastic tableware has been artfully crafted to replicate fine china and crystal dishes. You can get the same look for a mere fraction of the cost of the real thing.



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