Comparing Health and Safety Course Providers

 Comparing Health and Safety Course Providers


When deciding which training provider to purchase your next health and safety course from be wise to shop around as courses can vary significantly in terms of cost, quality Health and Safety Courses London  and what you are getting for your money.

If you know what you’re looking for a good place to start is to conduct a search using a major search engine, for example if you are looking for an IOSH accredited managing safely course in London then this is what you should search for. After conducting your search the search engine will return a list of organisations selling IOSH Managing Safely courses in London.

On face value most of the providers appearing in the search results sell exactly the same course with very little difference other than the course venue and course fee. What most of these organisations do not tell you in advance of booking your course is feedback from previous course attendees, pass rates, whether or not tea, coffee, lunch and examination fees are also included in the advertised course fee. These elements make a big difference to the cost of the course and ultimately the experience gained by the individual attending.

Qualification and Certification

First and foremost when comparing health and safety courses make sure you are comparing like for like courses and that the certificate issued by one course provider is exactly the same as the certificate issued by the next provider.

Cost of Training

Course fees are an important factor when purchasing your course therefore before you make a purchase check that the course examinations and certificate fees are included in the advertised fee.

Quality of Materials, Instructor and Training



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