Condo Living: Decorating for Christmas

 Condo Living: Decorating for Christmas


Raise your hand if you enjoy the process of decorating for the holidays. Now, raise your hand if you enjoy the look of your home after the decorating is done. My guess is home decor ideas   far more people raised their hands for the latter, rather than the former. Sometimes, it is just hard to get into the Christmas-decorating spirit. That can be especially true for condo residents, since they do not live in neighborhoods, per se, where their house will stick out like a sore thumb if all their neighbors have their lights up, but they do not.

But decorating you condo for the holidays does not have to be a painful task. Here are five ways to make it fun and easy.

  1. Hang a wreath or two. Wreaths are a good way to add some color to your place, as well as some natural elements. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, so choose based on how you want it to function. Some people hang them over their fireplaces and make them the centers of the room, while others hang them on their front door. Where to get a wreath? Ask around at work, as it is likely a kid of one of your co-workers is selling them for a fundraiser. Otherwise, any home or garden store should carry them.
  2. String some lights. Christmas lights come in a dazzling array of colors and sizes. Many people string lights on their Christmas trees, of course, but there are many other possibilities, too. You can outline your windows in lights, outline your fireplace, or outline your wreath. Just use your imagination. And then turn off the regular lights and turn on the Christmas lights. If you like what you see, then you have succeeded.
  3. Music. While music may not technically be a form of de



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