Don’t Choose Adobe When Working With PDF

Don’t Choose Adobe When Working With PDF



While Adobe is the most known maker of PDF tools, your business will be much better off, if you select third party tools to work with PDF documents.

ABC Amber PDF converter

Priced at eleven dollars, this tool may very well be the cheapest PDF software on the planet. ABC Amber PDF Converter is a powerful tool which allows you to convert PDF to any document format Gmail shortcuts cheat sheet (HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, TXT, DOC, DBF, XML, CSV, XLS, MDB, DB, MCW, WPS, SAM, RFT, WS4, WS7, WRI, etc.) easily and quickly. You can export all pages or just selected pages, as plain text or as preview pictures.



Write the name down if you ever forget the password to the protected PDF documents. This is a utility that allows you to bypass the security on PDF documents. Both protection methods are bypassed:

* restricted operations on file can be disabled (instantly, any Acrobat version up to 6.x, even with 128-bit encryption)

* password encrypted file can be decrypted (in a several days or weeks, Acrobat ver. 3.x, 4.x, 40-bit key).


PDFCamp Pro

PDFcamp (pdf writer) installs as a printer driver, making the creation of PDF documents as easy as printing. This gives users a simple way to share any type of Windows document through the standard, universal PDF format. PDFcamp (pdf writer) answers the need of corporations and individuals for an easy to implement low-cost and rapid PDF creation solution.

PDFcamp (pdf writer) Pro includes all of the features in PDFcamp (pdf writer) plus:

* Supports three modes for creating PDF files:

– User interface to manually select output filename

– Automatically convert many files to PDF at one time, without user intervention

– Use BatchToPDF software to create PDF files

* Bundle BatchToPDF software.

Batch convert .doc, .html, .txt, .rtf or any printable files to PDF files on the fly; convert any type and any number of documents to PDF files at one time!

– Supports command line operation (for manual use or inclusion in scripts)

– Supports drag and drop files


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