Dream My Green Love

 Dream My Green Love



Dream My Green Love


Dream my love only if you have the heart,
Dream my l Blue Dream  ove even in disgust and emptiness,
Dream my love even in a lost land,
Dream my love even in a hole,
Dream my love even on top of Mount Everest,
Dream my love even on empty stomach,

Love is green, a symbol of fertility, and a tiara of hope,
No one can give away than love; none has the passion of love,
Love has the power to make, save and give hope to the dying people,
Love makes the World to go round.

My love is green, greener than the Federal Reserve,
My passion know no bounds,
My allusion hates derivatives of derivatives,
My adore is worth far more than greenish Dollar,
My beloved is on a mission impossible,
My heart is broken for love; I cannot feel my impulse,
My heart is white; my love is purer than the purest of gold,

Love is Green, the color of fertility of Mother Nature,
No one hangs on the cross of crucifix, except if him abodes with love,
Love has patience, kindness as surname and sacrifice as second skin to the body,
Love is Green, the golden pearl of greatness,
The missing adventure of infidel, the missing note of terrorist,
Indomitable weaponry to fight hatred, Love is life,

Dream even in the whitest of white,
Dream even in the greenest of green,
Dream m even in the darkest of the dark,
Dream even in the bluest of the blues,
Dream even in the yellowest of yellow,
Dream even in the reddest of the red,
Dream even in the colorless of colors


Who this monster on the pathway is of adored?
Who is this leviathan on the ocean of love?
Who is this bareness in the sentry of love?
Who is this dull among the cold-blooded love?
Who is this doodle that cockles my lulu,
Who is this fanatic of change that eases off my chance?
Who is this love that lords me with pain
Who is this master of monsters?
Who is this singer that tinkers my stinger
Who is this mystery that gaffe with mastery of fate
Who is this minstrel playing out misery of a kind?
Who is this sham with spectrum of shame?
Who is this novelty with noise of poverty?
Who is this omen from jerkily island?

My dream is green with fullness; the land is barren of destiny,
My dream is green with value; the currency is bare and valueless,
My passion is green with favor; the earth is full of fears,



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