Dubai Entertainment Guide – One of the Many Things to Do in Dubai (The Dubailand Park)

 Dubai Entertainment Guide – One of the Many Things to Do in Dubai (The Dubailand Park)


By the year 2020, Dubai could be the leading tourist destination in the world. With newest and Training Courses in Dubai  latest project being undertaken everyday, its focus is fast shifting to the growth of its tourism industry.

This is just the right time for that. Dubai has already successfully invaded the trading industry in the Middle East, and is now moving forward and shifting its focus on other areas of its economy.

It is taking massive strides in the financial services sector, hospitality, technology, healthcare and of course entertainment. One if the largest and most current projects in Dubai are the Dubailand amusement park. It brings a lot of promise for the Dubai entertainment scene.

Dubailand has high ambitions, the greatest of which is to be the biggest amusement park around the globe. In addition, with a lot of planning and time allotted for the overall completion of this project, the accomplishment of this great feat is not at all impossible.

Dubailand will be featuring six areas, designed to appeal to a diverse group of people and to let the visitors experience the best of Dubailand experience. Each area is called world, each showing a certain facet of Dubailand that you as a visitors will surely love.

The Attractions and Experience World will offer a whole lot of adventures. This Dubai entertainment venue is designed to offer you the ultimate experience, giving you a chance to immerse in different worlds of amusement and satisfy your interests.

The kids will surely love the Giants World, the Space and Science World, Aviation World, and Water Park. If you love the extremes you can go see the Desert World Theme Park and the Snow World. There is a whole lot more to see! We are just getting started 🙂

If you love sports and the outdoors you surely enjoy the Sports and Outdoor World. Ideally aimed at becoming a warm weather training facility that will cater to professional sports teams, this Dubai entertainment venue will incorporate five projects that would highlight extreme sports and such sports as polo, golf, and racing. It will also feature sports tournaments that will surely satisfy sports-oriented, competitive, and health-minded people.



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