Eliminating Headaches – New Jersey Dentist Offers Money Back Guarantee

 Eliminating Headaches – New Jersey Dentist Offers Money Back Guarantee



For about ten years, New Jersey dentist, Dr. Markus has known a great secret about migraine pain. Many patients who suffer from headaches, especially pain that awaken new Jersey landscapes  s them in the morning can get a tremendous relief both in terms of frequency and intensity by wearing a properly made NTI device.

Worn over the front teeth, this simple appliance does not allow back teeth to meet, and therefore it is impossible to clench your teeth together. Traditional horseshoe shaped night guards only prevent the teeth from wearing one another down, they do not prevent clenching. While there are applications where such appliances are necessary, typical nighttime clenchers will not get any relief from their symptoms with them.

The NTI is the only device that has been recognized as effective against migraine by the FDA and that happened over six years ago. Research recently presented in London showed that by the fourth week of nocturnal NTI device use, nearly 75% reported significant positive improvements in their HIT-6 scores. By the second month, all HIT-6 scores had stabilized. Following seven months of continual nocturnal NTI device use, 50% reported considerable improvement in the quality of their lives, with half of those reporting that their headaches no longer had any impact on their lives. Positive responders (65%) reported a 1250% increase in headache-free mornings per week (pre NTI = 5/week, post NTI = 0.4/week). More information on this study can be found at the NTI website.




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