Energy Efficient Compact Fluorescent and LED Light Bulbs  

 Energy Efficient Compact Fluorescent and LED Light Bulbs


An energy saving light or compact fluorescent bulb is also known as compact fluorescent light and has been proven as the most effective way of saving energy. The lighting uniformity

use of incandescent lamps in many countries is in decline as it consumes more energy and contributes in the generation of green house gases. To curb the environment degeneration, the governments of many countries encouraging people for the use of CFL and LED lights. These lights consume less power and have long functional life. Even though buying these light costs users more than an ordinary bulb, but it is compensated with low electricity bill.

The importance of the CFL is increasing day by day even after its minor disadvantage, which is related to its disposing. To shun this problem forever, many countries are taking varied initiative to recycle the bulb and investing in its recycling process. Though, it contains mercury that can be harmful, but it causes not harms if it is disposed properly.

Apart from that, they are also investing majorly in consumer LED technologies like light bulbs and television. This advanced technology not only save lots of money but also hugely contributes in reduction of green house gases. The LED, in last few years has become the most popular technology in saving energy and environment. The use of LED light bulbs is soared due to its efficiency more than an ordinary bulb, it is also mercury free and safe in use. These light are easy to install and do not require any changing in the light fixture of the house.

Similarly, like CFL bulbs, dimmable LED lights is the most cost-effective technology, it can run for more than 100,000 hours approximately, depending upon its usage. The composition of the bulbs is made differently from the conventional bulbs. These bulbs have high resistance to heat, cold and shock. It distributes the lights uniformly with the help of dimmable LED circuiting, which makes it kinder to the eyes. It is a flicker free bulb, which prevents eyes from straining.




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