Giving The Gift of A Headset For Pilots

 Giving The Gift of A Headset For Pilots


With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, have you thought about what you’ll get the pilot in your life? If your favorite aviator has hinted that he would  like a new pair of pilot headphones, fret not. Though headset shopping can seem like a daunting task, use the guidelines below to find a quality earphone model that your family flier will love.

While it’s true that the aviation headphone market offers a multitude of choices, you can easily narrow the list of possible gift options down to a few select models. If you’re a non-pilot shopper, don’t let your lack of aviation experience dissuade you from shopping for your favorite flier’s gift of choice. With minimal research and advice from experienced aviators, you can find the perfect headset for pilots in your life.

Get a Pilot’s Opinion: No one can offer you better advice than an experienced general aviation (GA) pilot. After all, GA fliers are the very market segment headset manufacturers are pursuing. Ideally, you’ll get all the info you need from the recipient of your gift. Pay attention to the features and manufacturers he favors. Is there a reason he wants a particular model? The more you know about your pilot’s wants & needs, the better you can make an informed decision.

If your beloved aviator is new to GA, or you want to maintain the element of surprise, seek advice from other GA pilots. Speaking with several pilots will give you a better overall picture of GA earphone options. Advice from pilots is particularly helpful for deciphering the numerous acronyms (ANR, ENC, NRR, TSO) you’re likely to come across. Most GA pilots can help you sort through any questions and will inform you of features/models to steer clear of.

Buy from a Reputable Source: Be careful of where you purchase a headset. Though online auction sites and secondhand bargains might be attractive, they generally offer the greatest risk in terms of quality and legitimacy. Purchases from these sources often don’t include refund policies and can leave you stuck with a piece of junk. Avoid this possibility by purchasing from a reputable online pilot shop. You might pay more, but you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing the vendor will stick by the model in question. In addition to warranties and return policies, many such shops even pay for return shipping should you need to send the model back.

Regardless of where you ultimately purchase an earset, consider the added security of buying new. An out-of-the-box model should arrive in pristine condition and function superbly. New headsets also come with a new warranty in the off chance your model is somehow defective. Although your might get lucky and find a fully functional used model, a brand new purchase is guaranteed to function flawlessly.

Budget Realistically: Unfortunately, high-caliber headsets usually command a considerable price. The adage that you get what you pay for is especially true in the pilot headphone market. Above all, don’t settle for a shoddy headset just to stay within budget. Remember, it’s your loved one’s ears you’ll be putting at risk. If your aviator’s desired model is beyond your budget, consider splitting the gift with a family member of two. That way, you’ll each stay within your personal budget while giving your pilot a quality headset that will serve him well.

Consider Features & Type of Flying: Look at any headset features your pilot has requested. If he’s new to aviation, check out features he might not be familiar with. Is your pilot pal constantly glued to his Smartphone or MP3 player? If so, consider getting him a headset that is compatible with these devices. Such features are increasingly common in modern headsets and definitely worth a look. In the end, your favorite flier will probably thank you for the additional features.




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