Gold Banded Dinnerware Delight

 Gold Banded Dinnerware Delight


Gold banded dinnerware posses a classic elegance that has withstood the test of time. Never out of place, its simplicity showcases any meal served on it. As it has for centuries,  gold dinnerware set   gold banded dinnerware complements any decor or table decorations. Through all the changes in trends, gold banded dinnerware has maintained its quiet presence on the finest of tables worldwide.

The newlywed choosing a China pattern cannot go wrong with gold banded dinnerware. While there are flashier selections out there, you can be assured that by choosing gold banded dinnerware you are choosing something that will never go out of style or collect dust in the pantry. This is because you are not sure if it suits the occasion. The range of choices in gold banded dinnerware is quite surprising, too. From the more traditional elegance of the small band featured on Christofle’s Albi Gold dinnerware to the more contemporary Crescent collection by Pickard, there are lots of styles from which to select.

If your taste ranges toward the more flashy, there are some gorgeous, luxurious choices out there. L’Objet offers the beautiful, wide-banded Aegean 24 Kt. Gold collection, and Big Bang by Juan de Chrome features a bit more modern design among the gold banded dinnerware selections. Pickard’s Camelot gold banded dinnerware is rimmed in a raised floral design in 24 Kt gold. Whether you lean toward the classically traditional or prefer something a bit more modern, there is a gold banded dinnerware pattern to suit any taste.



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