Homegrown Players and the Sustainable Development of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry

 Homegrown Players and the Sustainable Development of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry




The Nigerian oil and gas industry is the essential wellspring of income for the public authority and has an industry worth of about $20 billion. It is Nigeria’s primary wellspring of commodity and unfamiliar trade income and too a https://www.fastexpert.com/top-real-estate-agents/san-antonio-tx/   significant boss of work. A mix of the accident in raw petroleum cost to beneath $50 per barrel and post-political decision anxiety in Nigeria’s Niger-Delta locale brought about the statement of power majeure by numerous global oil organizations (IOC) working in Nigeria. The revelation of power majeure brought about closure of activities, relinquishment or selling of interests in oil fields and laying off of staff by unfamiliar and native oil organizations. Albeit the above events added to the drag in the Industry, maybe, the significant reason is the unfruitful presence of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) as the predominant player in the Industry (claiming around 55 to 60 percent premium in the OMLs).


While, tragically many IOC’s playing in the Industry stripped their inclinations in oil mining leases (OMLs) and oil prospecting leases (OPLs) in truth to them by the FGN; on the other side, it is a positive improvement that native organizations procured the stripped interests in the impacted OMLs and OPLs. Henceforth, homegrown financial backers and organizations (Nigerians) presently have the open door and huge job to carry out in the feasible development and improvement of Nigerian oil and gas industry.


This paper x-beams the jobs expected of Nigerians and the degree that they have effectively released same. It additionally takes a gander at the difficulties that are repressing the feasible improvement of the business. This paper observes that the central variable restricting homegrown financial backers from proficiently assuming their part in the feasible improvement of the business is the domineering presence of the FGN in the Industry and its failure to satisfy its commitments as a prevailing player in the Industry.


In the initial segment, this paper examines the jobs of homegrown financial backers, and in the subsequent part, this paper surveys the difficulties and variables that repress homegrown financial backers in reasonably playing out the recognized jobs.




The jobs homegrown financial backers play in advancing practical improvement in the oil and gas industry include:


Giving Capital

Upgrading Personnel and Technical Capacity Development

Advancing Technological Capacity and Transfer

Supporting Research and Development

Giving Risk Insurance

Capital Injection/Provision

Oil and gas tasks and administrations are capital escalated. Thus, monetary limit is fundamental for drive development in the business. Given the expanded cooperation of homegrown financial backers in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry, normally, they have been burdened with the obligation to give the capital expected to drive industry development.


As at 2012, Nigerians had gained from IOC’s around 80 of the OMLs/OPLs (30% of the licenses) and around 30 of the oil peripheral fields granted in the Industry. Dangote Group is as of now attempted a $14 billion processing plant project, mostly supported by a consortium of Nigerian banks. Another Nigeria organization, Eko Petrochem and Refining Company Limited, is likewise attempted a $250 million measured treatment facility project. In the halfway area of the business, there are numerous indegenous claimed transport vessels and storage spaces; and in the downstream area, homegrown financial backers are effectively engaged with the showcasing and offer of refined unrefined petroleum and its results through the filling stations situated across Nigeria, which filling stations are for the most part possessed and supported by Nigerians.


Capital is likewise expected to finance schooling and preparing of Nigerians in the different areas of the Industry. Schooling and preparing are fundamental in filling the holes in the country’s homegrown innovative and specialized skill. Fortunately, Nigeria presently has organizations exclusively for oil and gas industry related investigations. Moreover, native oil and gas organizations, in association with Ioc’s, presently embrace bits of preparing for Nigerians in various region of the business.

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