How to Become a Phone Psychic

 How to Become a Phone Psychic



A truly gifted clairvoyant is worth their weight in gold in the highly competitive market of phone psychic jobs. Word of mouth is ultimately the best reference for those seeking to   establish themselves as a representative in the phone psychic field.

Reputable phone psychic providers carefully screen potential candidates for phone psychic jobs before hiring and continue to monitor them through customer feedback during a trial period to verify they have the gift of clairvoyance and a positive, caring attitude.

Psychic supervisors and managers often determine the strengths of each psychic in regards to the different types of readings. One psychic may have a special gift for providing advice about love and relationships, while another psychic will display unique abilities in dream interpretation or Tarot card reading.
A potential phone psychic is interviewed and asked to do a test reading to ascertain the limit of their abilities. The test can be as long as an hour and require a very detailed reading to eliminate the possibility of the candidate bluffing their way through a reading or presenting memorized material. References are checked when applying for phone psychic jobs. Many of the psychics are referred by other readers and prefer to be associated with established companies.

Once a psychic makes it through the “first cut” they are often asked to do a second or third reading with a psychic manager or supervisor. This ensures consistent and accurate readings for the caller seeking guidance.



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