How To Plan Future Podcast Episodes

 How To Plan Future Podcast Episodes


When you start a podcast and start having people listen to it, you don’t want to leave them wondering when your next episode will be published. Typically, people who다음드  have a podcast will try to keep to a publication schedule if they plan to make their podcast a regular thing.

Of course, there are some podcasters who only publish every once in a while. It is more of a hobby for them. Either way, you want to make sure your listeners know it is something you do on a weekly or monthly basis. Try to develop a schedule make and a plan for all future podcasts episodes. The following tips will help you to create a good, working plan.

Make a List of Topics to Cover

To start planning out your podcast topics and episodes, you need to have a list of the topics to cover. The way you make this list is really dependent on you. You might already know the next few months of topics depending on the type of podcast you have, so it is just a matter of putting them into some type of coherent order. In other cases, you will need to do a little research on topics and decide what you want to talk about.

Make sure you do leave some room for flexibility, as there may be something that comes up that you really want to discuss. This will allow you to push the publication for that episode forward a little bit. Also consider certain events you may want to cover, such as things happening around certain holidays or seasons.

I like to use an excel spreadsheet to help in my planning. I call it my “10×10 matrix.”

Across the top, I list my main topics. The thing is, although I “call it” my 10×10 matrix, that is just a suggestion for easy reference. Some of my training may have 5 or 6 main topics. Some 12-15. But you get the general idea.

Under each main topic, I write the points I want to emphasize during the training or discussion for that particular topic. This allows me to already know what I’m going to teach on for any particular training topic on any particular day.



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