Information About The NSS Champ 2929 Auto Scrubber

 Information About The NSS Champ 2929 Auto Scrubber


There are two ways a the commercial cleaner can clean and wash a dirty floor. The first way is by using a conventional mop which can be arduous and time-consuming or yo  can quickly clean a floor with a machine called an auto scrubber. There are three main types of auto scrubbers, pad assisted, wheel drive, and ride on. Pad assisted auto scrubbers move in a forward direction propelled the rotation of the front cleaning pad. Wheel drive auto scrubbers rely on a motor which drives a transaxle moving the machine in a forward or reverse direction. The user walks behind the machine and steers the machine in the direction desired. Ride on auto scrubbers are the ultimate cleaning machines. The user sits on a comfortable seat and steers the machine which is self-propelled. Ride on auto scrubbers are used for larger areas such as retail stores, schools and large industrial facilities. The purpose of an auto scrubber is to wet the floor, scrub the floor and pick up any dirty water with a trailing squeegee system. One of the best auto scrubbers sold in the United States is the NSS champ 2929. This unit is comfortable to ride on and can theoretically clean up to 20,000 square feet per hour.

The three main components of a ride on auto scrubber are the drive system, the brush system and the vacuum system. The drive system propels the machine in both a forward and reverse direction, the champ uses a 1 hp traction motor which gives it ample thrust to maneuver around any obstacles and up steep inclines. The traction motor is attached to an industrial transaxle which lasts on average about 10 years. The brush system utilizes two large 2 hp imperial motor brushes, which can scrub and clean any type of surface. The vacuum system lifts water from the squeegee once it has been collected at the rear of the machine. The vacuum system is powered by a 1 hp and three stage brushless vacuum motor. NSS uses only the best motors for their vacuum systems, which in the case of the Champ is an Ametek vacuum motor.

The champ is easy to use and features an LCD control panel which informs the rider about brush pressure, squeegee status, and runtime of the four large 6 Volt batteries. The champ relies on a 36 Volt electrical system which provides ample power for all components. This unit also features clearly marked switches which are used to lower and raise the rear squeegee, lower and raise the brush deck, and change the speed of the machine. The steering wheel is built on a tilt mechanism similar to a car so that the wheel can be positioned exactly where the user wants it for easy maneuverability. The seat is comfortable with cuts down on worker fatigue making it possible to complete larger cleaning jobs. A simple foot pedal is positioned under the right foot and is extremely responsive to the user. An added rear backup siren ensures that foot traffic behind the machine are alerted when the machine backs up.



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