Meet the Liv Dolls

 Meet the Liv Dolls


The Five Liv Dolls

There are currently five Liv Dolls. Their names are Hayden, Katie, Alexis, Daniela, and Sophie. I will go over each doll in this order.

Hayden Liv Doll
The original dolls came with liv at mb four dolls. Hayden was not one of the original dolls, and she was just added. She has quite an interesting personality. Hayden is an animal lover and a vegetarian.

Hayden regularly takes in stray animals because of her love for animals. She is so fond of animals that she will even take in mice and various insects. She can also easily promote her love of animals at the local Pet Adoption Agency where she works.

Hayden is a great role model for young girls because of her healthy and loving lifestyle. This is why I often recommend these dolls to parents that are looking for toys.

The original Hayden comes in the Outdoor Fashion set. Just like all of the other dolls, she comes with many accessories. She comes with her very own bunny in the Outdoor Fashion Set. Another set, which features a My Nature Hayden, comes with her horse (Clover) that she loves to ride. Hayden also has an animal rescue set so that she can take care of all of those stray animal. Hayden also comes in an after school set and a Making Waves set.

Liv Doll Katie
Katie absolutely loves sports. She is the most athletic of the dolls. She also loves being in the outdoors. Katie has tried a ton of sports, including skating, BMX biking, and even snowboarding. She is always looking out for new activities to try. She also always tries to involve her dog SK8 in her activities. SK8 is always there when she is skateboarding. In fact, Katie is on her skateboard so much that she is quite clumsy when she is off of it.

Even though Katie is a top athlete at her school, she is still a great academic. Many of the guys in her class have secret crushes on her, but she oblivious to this. She mostly doesn’t care because she is in love with a guy named Jared that works with her.

The original Katie doll is wearing a green jacket, and she also comes with a frisbee accessory. Just like all the dolls, Katie comes in many different versions. You can get skateboarding Katie in the Outdoor Fashion set. You can also get a Katie and SK8 set if you want Katie and her dog. School’s Out Katie is also a great collectible.



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