Porcelain Sinks

 Porcelain Sinks


Porcelain sinks sure are not what they used to be. Once upon a time a porcelain sink japanese ceramics  was nothing but a basic white bathroom vessel. That is definitely no longer the case with all of the modern sinks that are available for homeowners. No matter where you look, there are all sorts of incredible styles to choose from.

One really unusual type that is currently available to homeowners with distinctive style is the puddle formation sink. Made of white porcelain, it looks like an abstract puddle formed within the material itself.

The edges of the puddle are all rounded and the depth of the sink varies depending on how close they are to the drain. This sink is definitely different and not for the faint of heart when it comes to decorating bravado.

If you are not quite that daring there are plenty of other decorative styles to choose from. One really unique option is the countertop square style. This sits on top of the counter like the gorgeous sculptural piece that it is. It looks great on its own and is even more stunning when paired with a matching sink on a vanity built for two. The strong square edges are quite dynamic and very strong and austere looking. This is definitely a look that will bring many compliments your way.

If strong and austere is not the look that you are going for then a rose encrusted porcelain bowl might be more to your liking. The delicate oval shape of this porcelain bowl is topped with bouquets of roses trailing tenderly all around it. This is a feminine look that would be perfect for the lady of the house. If you have a mother or mother-in-law that is in need of a bathroom renovation, this pretty porcelain sink might be just perfect for her.



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