Singapore Table Tennis – Feng Tian Wei Vs Li Jiawei

 Singapore Table Tennis – Feng Tian Wei Vs Li Jiawei


Singapore’s Feng Tian Wei continues her meteoric rise by thrashing World No2 Guo Yue from China 4-1 in the quarter-final at the Volkswagen Women Table Tennis World keluaran singapura tadi malam Cup last night.

The youngest member of the Singapore Women Table Tennis team has now beaten World No 1 Zhang Yi Ning of China (She created a major upset by defeating Zhang Yi Ning 4-2 at the Asian Cup quarter-final in March) and World No 2 Guo Yue of China this year.

At the Olympics, China’s Women Head Coach Shi Zhihao revealed to the New Paper that he felt Feng Tian Wei had greater potential than Li Jiawei to become a top table tennis player.

‘If you ask me to compare Feng Tianwei with Li Jiawei, I would say Feng has the potential to go very far.’

‘She may not have reached the last four like Jiawei, but she has caught my eye at this Olympics. I didn’t expect her to create so many problems for Zhang Yining in the quarter-final.’

‘She has clearly benefitted from the foundation training she received when she was in our ‘B’ team.’

‘In fact, she was on the verge of forcing her way into the first team, but because of some illness, she pulled out of the team. ‘

‘At the moment, I would say she has a 30 per cent chance of beating our players.’

Having watched Li Jiawei play on television for the past few years, she tend to struggle against choppers. At the Olympics Team Semi-Final, she failed to overcome her nemesis and lost to Korea’s Kim Kyung Ah 2-3 (11-5, 8-11, 11-9, 6-11, 9-11) in the second Singles.

After the semi-final win, Jiawei admitted she thought her loss in the Singles would be a very costly one as the strategy to beat South Korea was to win the first two Singles matches as South Korea was expected to clinch the Doubles.



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