Sky Online TV Player – How to Use It

 Sky Online TV Player – How to Use It


Sky Player is an online TV player that allows you to watch Sky TV programmes with or without signing up to Sky TV. With a Sky TV subscription, you can watch the recorded programmes for one month from the date of its broadcast. A limited number of channels like Sky News offer live  SKY TV content online.

What contents Sky Player offers online

Sky Player offers a wide range of on-demand programmes including 500+ movies, Lifestyle and culture shows, contents from National Geographic channel, BBC iPlayer programmes, Sky sports, entertainment pack etc.

Non-Sky TV customers can watch limited number of movies, channels, programmes. They can sign up for a monthly subscription to watch additional channels, episodes, TV programmes of their choice. Subscription rate starts from GBP 15 on a minimum one month contract. You can also add Sky sports and other premium contents for GBP 34 per month.

You can also rent Sky Online TV programmes from GBP 1 up to GBP 3. Sky movies are free for online TV customers, while some premium movies may cost GBP 3 per movie on rental.

Requirements to watch Sky Player

Make sure that you have Adobe Flash version 6.0 or above, installed in your PC.

You will need to install Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 before watching TV on Sky Player.

Reliable broadband speeds are important for watching online TV

To watch online TV, you need a broadband connection with reliable speeds (2Mb or more), as streaming videos do not appear in sequence, if your broadband connection is too slow. Fast broadband speeds also helps you to download the contents in minutes, so you need not wait hours to download large size videos.

Check the download limit of your broadband package.



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