Smoke Testing For Pipe Crack Detection  

 Smoke Testing For Pipe Crack Detection


Every single home is fraught with potential risk of pipeline leaks and water damage. Even the tiniest leaks can be very costly and extremely difficult to deal with if you are crack pipes  not aware of your cracked pipes. The water dripping from pipes can appear almost everywhere, causing damage to your walls, floors, creating an environment suitable to grow mould in. If your gas pipes are broken the situation is much more complicated and requires expensive renovation or repair in addition to solve the leaky problem before it causes a disaster. This is the worst case, if you have cracks or damaged pipes with deadly or flammable gasses throughout your entire home.

Luckily, there is an easy solution that doesn’t ask too much effort or plugging the entire piping system. Plumbing leaks can be easily and immediately identified just over where defects are located. With smoke testing every gas or water leak can be located exactly where the material is leaking. Regardless, if there is a crack or hole in a pipe, below the ground or in the kitchen wall, the source of the problem can be immediately identified. Smoke testing is the most reliable technique that will give you a peace of mind, putting off any potential risk away by periodically testing and inspecting places where pipelines are located.

Smoke damage restoration force a visible gas through the plumbing system to identify leaks while at the same time is eliminating the unpleasant odour that runs through the pipes. Certainly, the gas is non-toxic and can be applied to any corner of your home, including walls, HVAC systems to detect leaks that are not visible by a naked eye. The tested plumes are marked with flags so every defect can be noticed by using proper measurements whenever runoff appears.

A professional smoke testing is not only suitable for detecting basic pipe leaks. It can also be used to detect a number of other issues on home assets such as:

  • Broken or damaged toilet seals
  • Damaged, dry or defective plumbing traps



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