Sports Handicap – the Crucial 2 Step Transformation From Sports Betting Losers to Winners

 Sports Handicap – the Crucial 2 Step Transformation From Sports Betting Losers to Winners


To most people, making consistent profits from betting on sports handicap seems an impossible dream. After a few losing streaks and burning deep holes in their pockets,  it is easy to blame it on the house edge for sucking your money dry rather than finding a feasible method to beat the sportbooks. If you truly want to make some serious money betting on sports handicap, why not for a change, seek out those who are making tidy, sustainable profits and find out how exactly they manage the feat? You can join the ranks of sports betting winners with two very simple steps.

Step 1: Sports “investing”, not sports “betting”

For a start, stop listening to the discouraging cliches around you and start believing that there are people, albeit a small group of them, who make healthy and regular profits by betting on sports handicap. Many people get into sports betting without knowing what they need to do to make a profit and it is no wonder that they end up in a vicious losing cycle and whine about it all the time. The majority of sports handicap players lack self discipline and clear long term plans. They do not know when the most favorable opportunities present themselves and recognize the traps to steer clear of. Instead, they aimlessly risk their money chasing the occasional lucky win.

Step 2: The winners create their own good fortune

This is perhaps the best kept secret that no one wants you to know, but the difference between the winners and the majority of losers, is that the winners stick closely to a tried and tested system. Sports betting, unlike what many people think, are not decided on the basketball courts, baseball fields and football stadiums. It is actually a game of complex mathematics dealing with probabilities, odds and statistics. The big fish in the sports handicap market used to pay significant sums of money to mathematics experts to develop and perfect sports betting systems that can consistently beat the sportsbooks, and it is only until very recently that such systems have started to reach the public through the internet.



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