Starting up a business in Dubai proves to be a boon for business tycoons

Starting up a business in Dubai proves to be a boon for business tycoons


Dubai has always been an ideal location for all the blooming business ventures. Starting up a business in Dubai proves to be a boon for business tycoons. Just follow a pretty straightforward process, and your business is all set to flourish in Dubai.

Business activity selection

The most prominent decision you have to make is choosing the business activities you are going to perform. Thoroughly research for the activities which are economically profitable as well as feasible.

The Jurisdiction

Dubai has three main zones for its companies to operate: Freezone, Mainland, and Offshore. The Jurisdiction is the second name for these economic zones. Each one of these Jurisdictions holds its benefits and limitations. You need to identify the most favorable type according to your business activities and convenience in order to business setup in Dubai

  • Free zones: are the most preferred regions for setting up new ventures. If you’re a Businessman wanting to set up a company in dubai with 100% ownership and 0% taxes, then a Free zone is the place for you.


  • Mainland: Setting up a company in Mainland allows you easy trade domestic and international trade. Follow the process for registration and get your license within a day.
  • Offshore: Companies offshore can also register themselves with Freezone and relish the same benefits.

Operations of the business are the significant difference between Offshore and Freezone. The companies offshore can perform business activities outside the UAE but not inside.

Also, they have no minimum capital requirements for incorporating.


Legal Structure

For a structure that ensures the organization of Resources and assets and deals with profits and losses, you are required to finalize the most suitable legal form for your company. Decide on a layout by fixing your legal document at the initial stages only. You can apply for a license only after finalizing the legal structure. You can choose from the below-mentioned structures for your company.

  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Sole establishment
  • Civil company
  • Local company branch
  • GCC company branch
  • Foreign company branch
  • Free zone company branch
  • Holding company

The two legal structures majorly used for business setup in Dubai


  • Limited Liability Company(LLC): Multiple shareholders are given allowance (Minimum 2 and maximum 50) under this company formation structure. The second prominent reason for its attention is that it provides ease in trading activities, locally and internationally. Also, it makes the visa process of your family and employees much convenient.
  • Sole establishment: The sole establishment of a company wholly owned and operated by a single individual is its structure.

Choose the company name

Give an appropriate name to your company, according to the business activity you will be performing. As soon as you fix the word, get it approved by The Department of Economic Development (DED).

Trade license

Following the approval for name and business activity, you must choose the type of license to apply for. Mainly the four types of support are:

  • Commercial – Required for conducting trading activities
  • Professional – Required for Service companies
  • Industrial – Required for manufacturing and related activities
  • Tourism

Below listed are the documents which you have to submit to apply for a trade license:

  1. Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  2. Trade license application
  3. Relevant government forms
  4. Trade name reservation certificate
  5. Initial approval certificate
  6. Tenancy contract
  7. Ejari registration certificate
  8. Passport copies of partners
  9. NOC for partners (if any)
  10. Other requirements by the DED (if any)

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