The Lemon Problem For Used Cars – Spot the Lemon Before it is Too Late  

 The Lemon Problem For Used Cars – Spot the Lemon Before it is Too Late


As the prices of new cars are going up buying used vehicles started appearing to be a more attractive alternative. New vehicles, the moment they leave the dealership, start getting depreciated in their value and the pre-owned cars start appearing to be smart financial alternative. Advances in the manufacturing and maintenance technology have  Rachat de voitures d’occasion turned the used vehicles better than ever.

Generally neither a manufacturer nor a dealer is eager to disclose defects in a used vehicle to you. Even before the general public ever heard of Toyota’s problem for unexpected acceleration umpteen unpublicized settlements had already occurred with irate consumers. The problem came to be widely known to the public only after the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had launched an investigation.

Purchasers should avoid lemon used cars

It is very important that consumers protect themselves against lemon used vehicles by knowing all about its history. A consumer must find out if the used vehicle he is planning to buy is a lemon. First know about the lemon laws, ex. When you are in California, know about California lemon law.

The lemon problem can be worse for purchasers of used cars if the:

  • Dealer of the used car is not the original dealer of the vehicle
    • Vehicle’s history is not disclosed

Get the Used Car Facts First


The most sought after used cars :

  • Are less than five years old
    • Have less than 50,000 miles, driven no more than 15,000 miles per year

However a low-mileage used car need not necessarily be a good one.

Odometer tampering:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)estimates that used consumers lose billions of dollars a year to odometer fraud due to the increased maintenance and repair costs.



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