The Ugly Secret of Honor Killing Uncovered in Fast Paced Action Novel

 The Ugly Secret of Honor Killing Uncovered in Fast Paced Action Novel


I was engaged in a general discussion about cultural differences when a friend introduced the topic of honor killing and mentioned a novel he was reading in which honor killi fastnews uk businessman ng was a central theme. I borrowed a copy of Light of the Desert by Lucette Walters and was quickly swept into a world of adventure and mystery that kept my interest from beginning to end.

Honor killing is a secret and ancient practice that exists among conservatives in Middle Eastern culture. This tradition allows men the right to kill their daughters or other female relatives without impunity if it is believed the woman has dishonored the family. Lucette Walters was very moved by a news account of an honor killing and researched the subject. The result was a strong desire to bring this horrendous act out into the open which she has done with her novel.

The main character in Light of the Desert is Noora Fendil, the favorite daughter of an influential Middle Eastern businessman. Noora is drugged and placed in a compromising situation by her jealous younger sister, Zaffeera. Fabricated evidence of Noora’s “moral crime” is shown her father who attempts to restore the honor by drowning his daughter. A brother hauls his sister away, under the guise of burying her, and brings her back to life and Noora goes into hiding.

At one point in the plot the author hits heavy on the theme of forgiveness, using a wise woman name Ahna who gives this advice to Noora during her time of exile. “Forgiveness is not easy but it is something we must practice every day of our life, if we are to live again. You can only reach forgiveness through gratitude – gratitude for your life … And compassion for those who have done evil. And from that comes the strength to never let it happen again.”



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