The Worst Telephone Script is No Script at All!

 The Worst Telephone Script is No Script at All!


Why won’t your sales, customer service, technical support, and professional associates willingly use scripts? By “scripts” I mean explicit conversational guides that pave anti-recoil macrosrust  the way to success.

Given any wiggle room, most people who staff the phones will slip out of implementing these meant-to-be-helpful tools.

Is rep resistance of this sort rational or irrational? Are these folks enabling or disabling themselves through script avoidance?

As a veteran practitioner and consultant in business-to-business and business-to-consumer calling; and in inbound sales, service and technical support, I’ve seen people go to great lengths to escape scripting, even at the expense of losing their jobs.

Managers have cajoled, threatened, and rewarded script use, with much the same outcome. They walk through their call centers and sales bullpens and hear a different “speech” being uttered by every voice in the room.

Instead of conducting a symphony, where everyone knows the score and is literally on the same page, leaders and trainers hear continuing cacophony, conversational chaos.

What’s up with this?

Is it worth your effort to introduce, polish, and police a “master script” that all are expected to use?

The answer to this question is a solid, unequivocal, “Maybe.” You need to be willing to be more thorough than you have ever been in introducing and sustaining scripts, if you expect compliance and a big payoff from their use.

Scripts can and should work, but they have little chance of proving their value until people use them. But if they won’t even try them out, what evidence do you have to support your contention that they will do better your way than with an “unscripted” approach?

If you want your people to use scripts, you’ll need to hail a CAB.



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