Types of Lawyers – Choose an Attorney According to His Or Her Specialty

 Types of Lawyers – Choose an Attorney According to His Or Her Specialty


Like physicians and other highly trained professionals, attorneys specialize and so there are many a type of lawyers as per their specialization. Although the bar exam covers Fachanwalt Strafrecht  every area and aspect of the law, no attorney ever could expect to retain all the subtleties and nuances in every area. The complex body of knowledge we know as “the law” spreads too far and goes to deep for one attorney to excel at all of it. The one-stop legal assistance websites easily may confuse you, making it appear that you could wander into any downtown law office and find the same array of services. Hence there are many a type of lawyers and in order to represent clients “with zeal” as the canon of ethics requires, attorneys choose single areas of expertise and stay with them. In order to rise to the top of the legal profession, an attorney must practice the type of law that excites her passion and inspires her wholehearted commitment.

Here we will discuss some of the most common type of lawyers.

Type of Lawyers – I: Criminal law

All of your favorite crime dramas show you slightly exaggerated pictures of criminal practice. A criminal lawyer does not re-enact powerful, ripped-from-the-headlines episodes of “Law and Order” every day; in fact, the ordinary criminal lawyer very seldom takes a case to trial, because litigation runs-up costs beyond most defendants’ ability to pay, and it renders the outcome far too uncertain. Criminal attorneys become far more proficient at negotiating plea agreements than dazzling juries with brilliant closing arguments.

Even within the bigger province of criminal law, attorneys specialize. Many skilled litigators specialize in DUI and traffic law defenses, and many others manage nothing but drug cases. Their specialized training, continuing education, and everyday courtroom experience equip them with tools, tactics, and techniques for protecting their clients’ rights and securing just outcomes in their cases. Moreover, when a criminal attorney specializes in just one kind of proceeding, he or she naturally develops powerful working relationships with prosecutors and judges, so that plea and sentencing negotiations become far less contentious and far more businesslike and productive.

Type of Lawyers – II: Family law



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