Ubuntu 3

Ubuntu 3



Ubuntu comes from ancient African philosophy, to understand the connection of an individual with a greater community  as “we are all one and the same”. We are urged to practice compassion, justice, https://ubuntu3.com/  generosity and mutuality with those around us, because it is all part of the same collective. To understand those around us to be the same, we can reciprocate to them and ourselves as we exist part of the  greater whole.

Our Parts


The number three represents the nature of the universe, as it contains the triad of everything; it holds the beginning, the middle and the end. This number contains all, and  helps us understand the way the universe operates in three part dimensions. The sun, moon and the earth hold each other in balance. In the experience of a life, a human has their soul, body and mind come together to be alive.


Each Holds The Key To Balance


Infact, here Ubuntu 3 reminds us of the collective, as all parts of these experiences affect each other. The moon cannot reflect light on the earth without the sun. One cannot experience their end, death, without the beginning, their birth. One cannot live without acknowledging their parts, as it would affect the whole system.


In the end, a life where one only feeds the body and not the soul is not satisfying. The same way if the sun disappeared from space, the gravity of the whole solar system would shift into chaos. Each place serves a purpose.


The personal responsibility highlighted in Ubuntu 3, reminds us of the purpose of being connected. When we acknowledge to be part of a greater whole, we can understand how we play into the collective. Our actions are formed into greater waves of change. We are creating our world, and what we are creating for others, we are also creating for ourselves whether it be direct or indirect.


The community we build in the world for others,  is the one we will live in.





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