Uses For Cute Baby Dresses

 Uses For Cute Baby Dresses


Cute baby dresses look wonderful on the babies they are bought for. When the baby outgrows the cute baby dresses then you have to decide what to do with these items. You  can sell them and recover some of the money you have invested in them. You can give them to others, or you can make some adorable crafts out of cute baby dresses to decorate your home.

Cute baby dresses can be stuffed with stuffing and turned into throw pillows to be used in the child’s room, in the living room, or in your bedroom. You simply sew the arms and the neck holes of the garment shut and then stuff the item with pillow stuffing. Once you have it completely stuffed you sew the bottom of the dress shut and voila you have a pillow.

These little clothes are perfect to be recycled as doll clothing for the child’s dolls. You can make their dolls clothes from their outgrown clothes and the little girls will get to keep their treasured dresses a little longer. You can even use the clothing to make clothes for their eleven inch fashion dolls that they will have later in life.

You can cut the items into strips and make rag rugs from them. The rag rugs can be placed in the child’s room on their floor or they can be placed anywhere in the home. These clothes are usually brightly colored and make excellent rugs.



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