What’s in a Company Name?

 What’s in a Company Name?


You can hardly influence the development of your child by selecting whatever name. That is one of the conclusion of Steven Levitt published in the book “Freakonomics.”  Was ist eine Holding?  Most influence is given to a child before it is even born. You can do wrong however – according to an example in the same book of a parent that named a first son “Winner” and the latest born “Loser.” Imagine what happened to both of them…

Whether you agree with Levitt and favor a nature viewpoint or you disagree and you favor a nurture argument, when talking about business there is only one option; The name you choose will — as a cultural element — influence your business.

Recently a Dutch company TPG Post announced the change of their name into TNT Post. The company is the product of a split that took place in 1996 when the Post and communication divisions became separate companies; KPN — the holding company before that time — continued with the telecommunication division. The post division including the recent acquisition of the Australian TNT logistics company continued under the new name TNT Post Group or TPG. And now the company continues under the name: TNT Post.

On the same stock exchange — the AEX — there are more companies with a similar background. To start with the “A”, ABN AMRO is a bank that is the result of a merger of two companies ABN and AMRO that kept their name in the new combination. The name “ING”, which represents a bank-insurer, is a nice name invention of Inter-Nationale Nederlanden Group, where the “Nationale Nederlanden” was and continues to be the insurance part of the group.



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