Why Non-Wired Bras Are Better Than Wired Bras

 Why Non-Wired Bras Are Better Than Wired Bras


Gone are the days when only wired lingerie could give comfort and support to women or only women with smaller breasts could wear non-wired lingerie. In today’s time, non- SS Wire Mesh India

wired lingerie can also provide equal or maybe even better levels of support and comfort and this comfort comes without any compromises on the health. Further, women with larger breasts can also wear non wired lingerie in today’s time as it provides full comfort and support to them too.

Non-wired lingerie is gentle on the skin and since there are no under-wires present, there is no skin irritation and neither do they leave any marks on the skin. Since they do not cause any kind of discomfort, they can also be worn when one is lazing or lounging around at home. The wires present in the under-wired bras is what makes women remove their bras as soon as they reach back home.

Non-wired lingerie are also good for breast health since breast tissues contain lymphatic tissues and the lymph system is that part of the body which helps in getting rid of the toxins. Movement helps the lymph system to drain. While wearing underwired lingerie, this movement gets restricted and thus the toxins don’t get flushed.

Non-wired lingerie offer a more natural look since they let the breasts breathe. They provide gentle support are great for everyday comfort to wear under t-shirts since without the presence of any wire, the lingerie tends to last longer and there would be no break through the fabric or the wire would not get bent out of shape.



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