Why Not Start Your Own Handyman Business?

 Why Not Start Your Own Handyman Business?


Have you been looking for a business that provides good income, the ability to work as much or as little as you want, an in demand growing service, low Bathroom Remodel toronto vaughan startup costs and the ability to set your own hours?

Many individuals desire to be self employed but run into many roadblocks when it comes to building a business and expensive startup costs. One business that offers many advantages for self-employment is the Handyman Service Business.

The handyman business is a great business for anyone with good skills in home improvement and repair. Handymen can easily earn between $25 and up to $100 per hour. It can be operated part time or full time. It continues to grow and the demand for good a handyman far exceeds the supply. The handyman business is as recession proof as any business you will find. Layoffs and slowdowns will be a thing of the past.

50 years ago most homeowners took care of all those little projects around the house. Most dads had a workbench in the basement. Today that has all changed. More professionals and dual income couples just don’t have the skills or time to get things done. Not to mention single homeowners, divorced, and elderly. Retired homeowners may not be able to handle those projects like they once did. Then there are those homeowners who are just all thumbs when it comes to home maintenance. The need for good handymen continues to grow. Not everyone needs a $25,000 kitchen remodel or a $10,000 bathroom redo. Many of the smaller jobs traditional contractors won’t touch leaving you in an excellent position to earn a steady income.



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